How to Become a TV Writer’s Assistant

Are you interested in launching a career in the television industry as a writing assistant? You can learn more about the steps you need to take in order to begin your calling by reading below.

If you want the chance to break into the TV writing industry, becoming a writer’s assistant is a great way to start. The basic requirement of being a TV writer’s assistant is having the desire to assist a screenwriter or TV writer to accomplish different tasks – from research to answering phones to attending meetings with them.

Your Guide to Becoming a TV Writer’s Assistant

The first step you need to take in order to become a TV writer’s assistant is to create a professional resume. Showing your potential employer that you have a professional approach to your writing skills will give you an edge over your competition. Using a resume to highlight your talents for a particular genre, research skills, or even for tasks such as answering phones, proofreading and scheduling travel plans is a great way to pique your employer’s attention and interest in you as a writing assistant.

You can earn credentials in order to become a TV writer’s assistant through highlighting references. Past experiences that are related to your potential job as a TV writer’s assistant should be presented on a separate piece of paper where you can show that you demonstrated the duties that you outlined in your resume.

It is essential that you highlight references that confirm your ability to assist your potential employer in achieving his or her objectives as a TV writer. A TV writer assistant’s job resembles the job of a secretary. This job can also open doors that will advance you to a higher position in the TV writing industry.

The next thing you can do to become a TV writer’s assistant is creating a professional query letter where you list down two of your key attributes by outlining your attention to detail as well as your passion for writing. You can use your query letter to introduce yourself to potential employers before you send your resume and references to them.

It is recommended that you also develop a consistent follow-up method. Keep track of the major network agencies that you can locate online. An example of a consistent follow-up system would be to select and contact an agency or a TV writer once a week and then follow-up with them within a month after you contact them.

Gain insight into the TV writing industry by getting references and books that you can read. The “Writer’s Market” is a book that is highly recommended for up and coming writers who want to send their resumes out. In it are more than 3,500 listings of book publishers, magazines and literary agents.

Use technology to your advantage to help you in becoming a TV writer’s assistant. It is best if you use a mobile phone that has email capabilities in order for you to keep in touch with your potential employers. They may also see it as a plus when you show them that you are able to respond quickly should they need you as soon as possible at any given time.