Writing Assistants Job Description

Are you interested in working as an assistant to a TV or film writer, or an author? Learn more about what this occupation entails.

Writing assistants are hired by different kinds of writers and for different reasons. Most of the writing assistants are hired by writers who write for TV and film, however, there are regular authors who hire writing assistants as well if they are faced with too much work.

Being a writing assistant is a good first step in actually becoming a writer too. Assisting a writer will open your doors to experience, knowledge and contacts.

Job Duties

Although a writing assistant’s job may not be the most glamorous, it does have its perks. It may entail the usual duties of filing, making copies, emailing, faxing, making appointments, answering phones, doing research and dealing with other industry professionals. But working as a writing assistant can also be your chance to attend meetings, take detailed notes and become actively involved in the process of developing a book, story, movie or others. In all of these tasks, a writing assistant is expected to absorb as much as possible about the particular industry. Here, an assistant will be able to gather information such as what works, what doesn’t and how things in the industry fit together.

Downsides to a Writing Assistant Career

It is vital for you to know and understand what you are getting into if you decide to work as a writing assistant and it is important for you to know what a writing assistant’s job description really is. Writing assistants are not well-paid and are also expected to put in long hours of work for several days at a time in order to help their employer with their job. Although it may help you get contacts, there is little room for advancement in moving up a career ladder which is often not clear-cut.

Rewarding Career Path

Fortunately, there are benefits to make up for these drawbacks. Being a writing assistant is beneficial for aspiring writers because it gives them a chance – to not only shadow a professional, but to also be involved in his or her work. In this job, you can get experience that can prove to be vital when you decide it’s time to start your own career as a writer. With these important information and knowledge at your disposal to start your career, you may be able to do so with more ease than if you had no prior experience. A writing assistant can also have a firsthand look at his or her field of choice without having to bear the same weight of responsibility which the writer shoulders. Should you want to become a writer in the future, becoming a writing assistant can give you the network and the potential to help you boost your career.